NARB 100watt Tremolo head Early-Mid 70s 


Marshall JMP50 1969

Here we have Real nice Clean original example even signed by Sylvia

100's of Photos on request



Marshall jmp50 1969

This is a small box jmp50 from July 69 

This model of amp with its original Brushed Alley metal Panels are nowa days very hard to find (as so many get converted to Plexi's)

Great tone with its steel chasis and solid state rectifier, a True classic in its own right £SORRY NOW SOLD


Late 67 early 68 Marshall Plexi 50w One of the earliest JMP50,s,

Steel Chasis,Caps date 66 and 67 early logo,early tolex a  rare find ,Mullard EL34 still sounds SWEET.

Many High Res Photos and full info on request Ref 11185   £ CALL

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