VOX AC2 ,VOX AC4 ,VOX AC10, VOX AC10 Twin ,VOX AC15,

VOX AC15 twin,VOX AC30 ,VOX AC30 Supertwin

and Vox Echo Reverb.

ABOVE: Vox thin lip blonde combos in outstanding Original condition....NOT FOR SALE!

Vox Thin lip Blonde Amps were made late 1959 and ended product in April 1963.

First issue AC15 IN STOCK for full details Email Ampaholics@aol.com

Original Blonde Vox Ac30 Combo,Leather Handles,Brass Vents,Original Brown Diamond Fret Cloth,Celestion Blues, 

Rare in this Condition, A very Nice Clean Example 3,999 GBP

Chrome Stand is NOT FOR SALE

Email Ampaholics@aol.com