Marshall Plexi jmp50 Bluesbreaker, JMP50 Plexi Head, Plexi 20w 2x12 combo and Marshall Capri

Marshall Capri 7 watt valve combo, though Marshall books state these amps were made in 67 its my opinion that the more common mk2 which is much smaller (pictured above) and the larger mk1(below)  were made  in 69 and the early 70,s  Just like on the larger 1x12 Mercury's (that had a tremolo) also made in the early 70,s Marshall seem to use up a lot of old stock late 60,s parts.



Marshall plexi jmp50 head

Marshall Plexi 20watt Tremelo 2x12 combo circa 68

Marshall jmp 50 plexi tremelo 4x10 combo $  SOLD

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