VOX AC15 BLONDE 1X12 1961

All original BA size 60s fixings inside and out

Inner Rear Pannels covered to Factory spec

Outer rear panels

Classic Clean Original Copper panel chasis ,with Original Transformers and Choke

Celestion 1x12 Alnico with original cone that's still sounds Sweet

This is a sweet sounding Ac15 thats been lovingly restored

 ive 100s of photos please call for details £POA email ampaholics@aol.com 


As of publication May 17 ,We have a waiting list of 3 months for restorations 

so please call well in advance to discuss your restoration needs and book your amp in, 

Normal turn around is a week or two,

Restorations vary and start at £500 upwards pending the project, price quoted includes everything no hidden charges, 

"but you will have to strip and sand your cab"we will fine preb it,

Please do NOT ask for your Rotten wood worm cab to be recovered.

email ampaholics@aol.com