We can supply or vintage spec recone to the highest standards all British speakers from 5 to 18inch, pictured below is a  small selection of the speakers we  keep in stock, Celestion 12 inch speakers are without doubt the most popular vintage speaker with both collectors and  guitarist's Please Email   for price and availability or see listings below. We Buy torn or blown vintage speakers!



As written in The  History of Marshall book on the Celestion speaker date code page and i quote


You must read page 134 to understand the date code system.

if your speakers are very early TYPE 1 then the date codes will be on the Gasket.

For  Type 2  speakers (date codes on the chassis) the date codes are written in the bottom square of page 135 ,

For example :

TYPE 1 GASKET CODE   08BA = 8th FEB 1956

   TYPE 2 CHASSIS CODE  02MA = 2nd  Dec 1968 .

Marshall cabs with metal logos you'ld  see type 1 gasket year date codes H=63,J=64 & Early K 65.(changing Block logo's during J&k)

Marshall Pinstripe cabs type 1 gasket year date codes Starting  L=66 ,M =67 

a very late pinstripe Marshall cab made EARLY 1968 would have TYPE 2 CELESTIONS with chassis date codes SUCH AS :09AA=9th Jan 1968.

Marshall Basket weave cabs featured type2 chassis date codes A=1968,B=69,  C=70, D=71,  E=72 AND E=1973.

Transitional overlaps regards cab logos and fret cloths did occur .


      12"Celestion Alnico    12"Celestion ( vox blue )  12"Goodmans Audiom 60   12" Celestion Greenback

     12"Goodmans Alnico        12"Fane (122/17)  12"Goodmans Audiom 51      15"Celestion  G15C

          10"Elac Alnico

 10"Elac Alnico+Bell cover          10"Elac Alnico              10"Celestion

  15"Celestion( vox spider )      12" Fane ( pop 50 )    12"   Goodmans 12P  12"Rola -ThamesDitton

          8"Elac Alnico                8"Elac   12"GoodmansAudiom 70          18"Goodmans


Vintage Speakers 

Celestion 10" Alnico 3ohm 10w original NIB 1SH CONE Date JJ Sept 1964 silver �60 each
ELAC 10 Inch ALNICO Grey 10watt 4 ohms original 40/434/001  13 CONE  60,s �50 EACH
Celestion Alnicos 12" Blues breaker 15 ohms original Marshall labels �sold pair 
Celestion Alnicos from AC30 /4  Code 09AG =Jan 1962 ,Smooth sliver 8 ohms 1777 �sold the pair
FANE CRESCENDO 12" Original 73  Grey hammerite finish 8 ohms 100w original cones flux density 23,000,The Crescendo  Extra High Power super Efficient Anisotropic Ferrite Magnet �80 the pair .
Ref 72. Celestion 12" Green Back 20w reconed with 1777 chas date DE ,  1901T  �180
73. Celestion 12" ThamesDitton Green Back 20w reconed with 1777 dated 09FG  t1217 �250
74.Celestion 12"ThamesDitton Green Back 20w reconed �200
75,Celestion 12"ThamesDitton Green Backs 20w  with 1777  66-67 PAIR �sold
76,Celestion 12"ThamesDitton Green Backs 20w  T1221 with R1c2RJ Date 11am  PAIR �sold
77,Celestion 12" ThamesDitton Green Backs 25w  T1221,s17bb  with 102 003 cones  PAIR �sold
78,Celestion ThamesDitton Green Backs G12m 25w 16ohms   with 102 014   PAIR �sold
79.Celestion ThamesDitton Green Backs 25w G12m T1221,  102 003(1x repaired cone)  PAIR �sold
80,Celestion ThamesDitton Gr Backs 25w G12m T1221, 102 003&102014 with no label PAIR �sold
81,Celestion ThamesDitton Green Back 30w G12h  16ohm 102 003 repaired cone date 05MA  �sold
82.Goodmans Audiom 60s 12"(bass red label AC30/4)15W ,15ohm  oval chas/grey ham, mint pair � sold
83.Goodmans Audiom 60s 12"(blue  label )15W ,15ohm  oval chas/grey ham 1 old recone pair �sold
84.Goodmans Alnicos 2x12 , 15 ohms original cones grey with red alnico band, pair �sold
85,Goodmans Audiom 60 bass red label 12" ,15w -15ohm grey hammerite finish ov chas original cone (Tv AC15) �399
86,Goodmans Audiom 60 bass 12" ,red label ,15w -15ohm grey hammerite finish ov chas reconed  as original �399
87.Goodmans Audiom 70c  bass 12" 20w uk 40w usa 15ohm reconed with original 549 cone �299
88.Goodmans AXIOM 300  -12"-15W UK 30W USA 15ohm -549 recone �299
89,Fane 12"  mod 122/140 flux density 14000gaus power handling 50w -15ohms grey hammerite finish ideal for vox,hiwatt,soundcity,simmswatts etc original cones (four in stock ref 90) �180 each 


Ref 91.Goodmans   Audiom 60-12"-15W  15ohm -grey with blue label ov chas all original, Gasket 6/47  $sold
92.Goodmans Audiom 60 -12"-15w-15ohm, grey  ov chas Gasket 21/48 $sold
93, FANE POP 50 -12" BLUE/SILVER FANE LABEL ,slight crack in one rear plastic cover 19/72 pair �240
94.Rola Celestion G12H 30w 8ohms 1777 cones black backs cj11x T1234 grey ham chas �199 pair
95.Celestion ThamesDitton GreenBacks 2x12" 30w G12h  16ohm 102 014  pair with no rear stickers date 04FA $sold , the pair
96.Rola Celestion G12H 30w -16ohms 75hz original cones $ pair  SOLD
97,FANE Acoustics' ltd  2x12 Medusa 30watt 8ohm speakers with snakehead stickers �50 pair
98,one Goodmans 12-P  8 Ohm 50watt blackback in smooth silver finish and one with grey hammerite finish �75 each
99.Celestion G12s 15ohm (green covers missing) 102  003 cones T1217 date on chas LB20V & NI6KB � sold  pair
100,Celestion ThamesDitton Green Back 25w G12h -T1217, 102 003 cone 15ohm 75c/s date 05FA � sold
101.Rola Celestion G12H 30w -16ohms GREY BACK FF3 �150.
102, FANE 12 inch 15ohm  mod122/12 original cone,silver ham finish, VOX JMI LABEL �250
103,Celestion ThamesDitton GreenBacks 2 x12" 30w G12h  One T1221 Date 10AB Jan 69 1777 recone as original 16ohms with greenback missing 2nd G12h all good 1777 recone as orig �sold. the pair
104.   FANE 12 inch 15ohm 50-75w heavy duty (no plastic rear cover)grey ham finish,chasis 37/72 cone 1021-11 �99
105,    Elac 10 inch silver alnicos   "vox jmi labels" four in stock ideal for AC10s    �150 each ,,,also in stock early Grey 10"Alnico,s ideal for Watkins,Vox,etc original cones �150 each H-P SCOUT DOMINATORS �199 Each
106,    Celestion ThamesDitton GreenBack    G12h 30w            all good 1777 recone as orig �300sold
107,    Celestion ThamesDitton GreenBack    G12h 25w  75c/s  all good 1777 recone as orig �300sold
108 and 109 NEW OLD STOCK Pair of   GOODMANS AUDIOM 12P-D ,15 ohms in original Goodmans packing including original catalog with wiring diagrams etc � sold
110   Goodmans Audiom 51 ,15watt UK 30 watt USA, 15ohms 35C/S RECONED AS ORIGINAL INC GASKET �185  EACH ideal for Watkins Joker etc .
111   Celestion ThamesDitton GreenBacks   G12h  30w  75c/s   1777 recone as orig  $sold.  the pair
112   Pair of Goodmans 51 s   same as ref 110  � sold
*   FANE 12"   Grey Hammer finish, 8ohm Vox Jmi labels  Ac15 twin  �300 the pair.
113.SELMER ZODIAC or T-Bird GOODMANS 12" 1964 with Original Selmer backs and cones,�399 the pair.


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