Vox AC2  And Vox AC4 JMI Vintage Guitar combo's

Over the years there has been much confusion  regards these  little JMI Vox Combo's , Often when the rear id plate is missing  people advertise there Ac2 as a more common Ac4 not aware that a Vox Ac2 exists. 

Most late AC2 combos have there diamond fret cloth running vertical instead of  horizontal ,As you can clearly see in the photo's provided the AC2 is slightly smaller an  inch and a quarter in length and wigth than the AC4 and has no parallel gold stringing around the four sides of the cab , the Ac2 has the pillar box cut out for the control panel and has no brass vents. The tube lay outs are the same , although the tone circuit is slightly different.


The original Ac2 and Ac4 speaker is an 8inch Elac although you do see many of them with Goodmans.

I have owned Ac2 combo's that have the single TV style perforated back panel and original round black knobs on a matt-black control panel suggesting it was made late 1959.

I have also had AC2s with the later blonde rear wood panels top and bottom with standard chicken head knobs and the later pink/brown control panel (pre 62) but I have never owned or seen an AC2 in Black tolex I'm GUESSING JMI did not produce any after 1962 ( please let me know if you have a black Ac2).  E&O E.