VOX AC 15s FROM 1958,1959 ,1961,1962 & 1963

Note the side Bulgin plug socket.

ABOVE:  Late 1958 first series  Vox Ac15 TV with Baker light engraved control panel   "Tremulant"etc

Blonde diamond tolex, round knobs, TV style perforated back pannel.

( 5 pre amp tubes ) GREAT SOUNDING AMP with out doubt the BEST SOUNDING AC15 Ever Made.



Above: The last of the TV Vox Ac15 combo's

 Features include the classic TV style blonde diamond tolex cab,1x12 Celestion Alnico speaker and most importantly the introduction of the one piece chasis the tone of which has now become legendary through out the vintage amp world" This early chasis has the jmi REGULAR black JMI control panel and original round knobs"In the late 50,s Jennings also introduced the Vox logo on the left of the cab but still on diamond fret cloth and discontinued  the central Jennings brass logo and perforated rear panel. Price $sold



   Vox AC 15 1x12s  in smooth black (63) & blonde (61) tolex

VOX AC15 2x12 1960/61 

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RARE Smooth black late 1962  early 63 VOX AC15 2x12 Ref 4891 with original speakers,transformers etc Genuine example of a true classic � POA

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